How to reset Epson L6161, L6171 & L6191with Adjustment Program solve100%

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How to Reset Epson L6161 L6171 L6191 Printer waste ink pad counter with Adjustment Program? Modern Epson printers have built in software / firmware that keep a record of the number of copies and prints. When you reach a certain point, machines shows 'a printer's ink pad is at the end of its service life, please contact Epson Support' or "your printer requires maintenance" or "Parts inside your printer may be worm" or "service required" error message with red light blinking and you are not allowed to do any work. It troubles us, we go to the nearest service center and pay expensive money for service charge and also lost our important time. There is also a possibility that a learner technician of a service center will damage the printer/machine. To get rid of such problems, I have been constantly sharing my practical knowledge through blogs. Hopefully this solves your problem and saves you time and money. At the same time, your self-confidence increases and so does your satisfaction. 

      I also opened the whole machine at the beginning and broke it. But when I got the Epson Adjustment Program, it worked its magic. In this tool has Waste Ink Pad Counter, Ink Charge, Head Cleaning, Paper feed test, Shipping Setting, EEPROM Data Copy, Initial Setting, Initialize PF Deterioration Offset, Head ID input, First dot position Adjustment, Top Margin adjustment, head angular adjustment, Bi-D adjustment, PF/EJ adjustment, PF band adjustment, CR motor heat protection control, Scanner motor heat protection control, final check pattern print, EEPROM dump, Printer information check service facilities. You can save a lot of time and money by using this service tool. Another thing is to take care of your machine, because if you do not have tricks you have to take it to a far maintenance center for service. Adjustment Program are available for buy but some countries do not have payment gateways, we have to need but we can't buy an Epson adjustment program. So that I have collected the Epson Adjustment Program and shared it for free. I hope which will help you a lot. Follow the procedure below to reset your machine.


Turn on your printer and connect to the computer. If there are any pending job cancel it.
➥ Disable your antivirus program / Windows Defender.
➥ Download Epson Adjustment Program| Resetter from given link.
➥ Extract zip file.
➥ Run Keygen file and generate license.
➥ Copy license files to main folders.
➥ Run AdjPro file.
➥  Then go to select button and choose your printer model, Destinatoin  USB port  with your printer name and click on Ok.
➥ After that click on particular adjustment mode.
➥ Then choose Waste Ink Pad Counter and click on Ok.
➥ Put tick mark ✅ Maintenance Box Counter  and 
✅ Platen Pad Counter.
➥ Click on Check to view you printer counter points. You will see ink pad counter points.
➥ Again tick the ✅ Maintenance Box Counter  and ✅ Platen Pad Counter. and Initialization.
➥ Click on Ok>>OK. Now, there is an option to restart your printer.
Turn off your printer and turn on again.

Now your printer is completely reset.. Congratulation!!

Download Epson L1300 Resetter here....

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